Homeopathy is under attack! The NHS are under continuing pressure to ban homeopathy which will prejudice some 40,000 patients in the UK and leave them with the option of reverting to allopathic drug treatment or pursuing homeopathic treatment privately which many may not be able to afford.

So what is Homeopathy? The following 14 minute explanation by Tony Pinkus of Answorths Pharmacy will provide an insight.

The opponents of homeopathy wrongly claim that there is no scientific evidence that it works and at best it is only placebo. Everyone who has used homeopathy as a patient or practitioner knows that there is an active mechanism which produces positive results beyond the ‘so called’ placebo effect.  This 109 minute Documentary Series seeks to provide a balanced response to this threat as portrayed in this previously released 13 minute pilot.

The first of   “The Missing Link” Documentary Series was launched on 26 January 2016 to coincide with Republic Day “Pooma Swaraj”celebrated in India. This to acknowledge the considerable assistance given by the Indian Government Department AYUSH and those members of the Homeopathic Community in Delhi and Mumbai that provided valuable  logistical assistance.

We also acknowledge and thank all those that contributed to this programme by way of interview.

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